Stevenf: "Android is bullpoop and you're dumb, Google"

My, if this isn’t the day of Google backlash. While we’re not highly keen on the whole Android idea as it stands, Steven Frank thinks it’s garbage:

A 34-company committee couldn’t create a successful ham sandwich, much less a mobile application suite. It’s going to be some half-baked turd undoubtedly based on GPE since that’s, you know, better than starting from scratch, right? (Wrong.)

And he basically says what we’re all thinking: that Google, with all its billions, could build an ARM compatible mobile application integrating all of Google’s properties and give it away in a heartbeat. Rather than working hard with also-rans and OEMs, make it as easy to install onto a WinMo phone as Google Toolbar and watch the mobile hits fly in. Or call HTC, ask for a GSM phone, install a very cool Google OS, and sell it on Google for $199. Watch as people snap them up and the carriers come to you, angling for the OS. This is the best part of his piece, though:

You have NO CLUE why the iPhone is successful and highly sought after, do you? You think it’s all some sort of weird fluke. A market anomaly. That these millions of iPhone owners are going to wake up one morning and say OH SHIT this doesn’t have MMS, what was I thinking! How can such a technological abortion be popular? Come ON, Google, you know better. … Ditch those other 33 companies, put 20 of your smartest people on it, and you stand a fighting chance.

Try Again [StevenF]