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The good news is that UK, Irish, other European startups and – in fact – any startup in the world will be able to enter the Crunchies, a new year-end startup competition and award ceremony/party which TechCrunch is coordinating with three other blog networks – GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb and Venturebeat (click on the links to see their coverage). The idea is this: let the community decide who to nominate, and who wins, in a number of award categories. The whole thing will be topped off with a big award ceremony and party in San Francisco. There will be sponsors for this event (see the event page for details if you would like to participate), but Sun Microsystems Business Analytics is first charter sponsor of the Crunchies. The four participating blogs will be sharing the decision making process and the economics of the event.

If you think there is scope for this event to be branched-out to individual countries, or perhaps a ‘European’ event, then say so in the comments. Or would you prefer this was an event which was largely global in nature? Let us know.

  • Dan Field (ClearMyMail)

    Hi Mike,

    For me, I would love to see a UK based or even Eurpoean based event. It would give startups this side of the pond a bit more of a chance and we would be much more likely to be able to attend the awards party too!


  • Robin Wauters

    It’s not really the same concept as the Crunchies, but the Plugg Conference (which I organize) will also award European start-ups at the event (due 19 March 2008). Registration for start-ups to enter will be opened later this month.

  • Graham

    Perfect – you’ve even got your own chocolate bar to partner the event. Yum.

  • Paul Walsh

    As if startups can afford to travel and pay to attend a posh event in San Fran. A European event is a no brainer but TechCrunch would need to work with European based blog(networks).

  • Paul Walsh

    … Robin, where are my tickets? You don’t expect me to pay I hope ;)

  • Ollie

    I agree with Paul. A self funded start up project getting to San Fran is impossible, except for hiding in a suitcase. Hehe


  • Shafqat

    Agree with the general sentiment here. Would love to see an equivalent event in Europe.

  • michael arrington

    A lot of comments that we (or someone) should do this in europe as well. I think that makes a lot of sense, and it would be fun. Which country should the award ceremony be held in? Perhaps it should rotate year to year?

  • Dan Field

    Go for the UK, Michael… and then rotate each year.

    Start with the UK and see what the response is from other European countries to help you decide where to go next.

    (That’s my slightly biased opinion, anyway ;) )

  • David Whitewood

    How about a regional awards i..e Europe, N.America, AsiaPac with an international shoot out in the valley?

    With low-cost flights anywhere in Europe now the European ceremony dosn’t have to be in the UK – prefer somewhere with sunshine ;-)

    At over $2 to £1 it has never been more affordable to visit the US, stay if you stay in budget hotels and use public transport. And of course you could always be entrepreneurial and subsidise your ticket with shopping favours.

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