Nokia's 'near on perfect' haptic touchscreen technology


Haptic technology sounds simple enough — you press an area of a touchscreen and you feel a little buzz under your finger. That’s supposed to replicate the feeling of pressing a real-life key.

Apparently, Nokia’s developed its version of the technology for upcoming S60 devices and, according to The Red Ferret Journal, “Each press of a key returned a clunky click and tactile snap on the touchscreen, which made typing feel incredibly responsive and very usable on the smooth surface. In fact, it was hard to remember that you were using a touchscreen keyboard…this is the first technology I’ve seen and played with which could genuinely revolutionise the use of handheld devices in general.”

The technology was demonstrated on a modified N770 Internet Tablet and will make it into upcoming S60 devices in the very near future.

Nokia perfects the clicky tactile touchscreen – iPhone gnashes teeth, swears revenge [The Red Ferret Journal]