Meet Potential Lovers Over a Drink with CrazyBlindDate

Sex and spontaneity are the two magic ingredients for a new startup called CrazyBlindDate, which launches today in Boston, New York City, and San Francisco after beta testing in Austin, Texas for over a month.

The idea behind CrazyBlindDate is to bring the scheme of blind dating to the web. Sign up, answer some personal questions (age, height, body type, what type of date you’re looking for, etc.), and indicate the times and neighborhoods you are available to go on a quick date, even if its on very short notice. The site will then use its algorithm to match you up with someone in your area who is available during one of your time slots. Both single and double date arrangements can be made, and you can bring a friend, too, if you’re overly nervous about meeting strangers on your own.

CrazyBlindDate is a dating site that cuts straight to the chase. Don’t expect to spend endless amounts of time filling out personality quizzes or browsing the profiles of potential mates. You won’t have much of a clue about how they look until you see them in person (although you can try your best at determining how attractive they are in an very blurred copy of the portrait they have uploaded). This business strategy is a gamble – it has yet to be seen whether many singles will be comfortable meeting up total strangers before knowing any more than their basic vital stats. CEO Sam Yagan admits that CrazyBlindDate could either become a runaway success or a total dud depending on how adventurous people turn out to be.

The company behind CrazyBlindDate, which is also responsible for the free dating site OkCupid, has designed their new venture with safety and privacy in mind. The site will only put you on dates in public places like bars and cafes, so you won’t find yourself in any particularly dangerous situations. While the site’s notification and confirmation system is cell phone-based, it won’t needlessly give your number to strangers. When the site finds a match for you, it will ask you via SMS whether you want to confirm. Once you and the other person commit yourself to a date, you will only be able to contact each other 30 minutes prior to the date by texting a dedicated CrazyBlindDate number (CUPID, or 28743) that will then route your messages appropriately.

In an attempt to prevent tardiness and no-shows, the website incorporates a feedback system that allows users to report bad dates. Blow off your date or drag your feet and it’ll go on your record. Also, the feedback your date gives about you will help CrazyBlindDate determine who they should pair you up with next, so the system isn’t completely random.

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