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If you haven’t bought a ticket yet for the LeWeb3 conference in Paris this December 11 & 12, you can still get a 100€ discount from the normal price, courtesy of TechCrunch.

Loic Le Meur has also offered two free tickets to TechCrunch readers. You’ll have to get to Paris and pay for a hotel on your own expenses, but you won’t have to pay for the conference itself. If you’d like to win one of the tickets, please leave a comment below saying what you think you’ll get out of the event, and two winners will be picked at random. Just make sure you leave your real email address in the form.

There are now over 750 people registered for the event from more than 30 countries (see if your friends are going here). Le Meur says he expect 1,300 or more people at LeWeb, which pretty much makes it the largest web conference in Europe.

I’ll be there, as will TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington, who is speaking on two or three panels, so we look forward to seeing you there.

  • Raphaël Arbuz

    Would love to go!! Thanks for organizing the game!


  • Chris Garrett

    Ah! I’ll be in Paris on the 24th, just a little too late though!

  • David Haywood Smith

    The opportunity to go to Le Web would be amazing as it would give me the chance to investigate the possibility of launching a French version of my web app –

    As a young entrepreneur from the UK it would be inspiring to meet a range of entrepreneurs, investors and other great people!

  • dc crowley

    Haven’t been to Paris in ages :-) but seriously, I could meet a lot of people I’ve met only online… and I’ve never made it to LeWeb3 yet… this one sounds like it has a lot going for it.

  • Mike Nolan

    I work for a University so I’d love to go to a mainstream event. Education focussed conferences are great, but sometimes they don’t have the drive that’s present in the commercial world.

  • Jean

    i understood all (not all but a lot) is about networking so le web3 will allow me to access valuable minded people to get feedback and demo my project…find partnerships, may be grow my team etc…


    I hope to benefit form leweb3’s team to develop.

    it is like asking my peers to help me.

    Really hope to hear from you

  • pedro

    already posted on us version, hope this doesn’t disqualify me.
    would love to go, need to do a reality check on a bunch of ideas i am working on, best way to do it of course is to bounce ideas off others. looks like great place to get my ideas flattened to the ground by informed criticism so they can grow better. ideal place to chase partners/funding.
    living in paris, would be a shame not to go because of high ticket cost.
    need to print a few business cards urgently…

  • Thayer Driver

    Hi Mike,

    I’d love to go to Le Web 3. I’d definately get loads out of it. I’m very interested to find out who’s doing what across Europe right now, as well as connect with some fresh blood outside of the normal London scene.

    I’ll even volunteer to take photos on behalf of Techcrunch with my new swanky SLR, and report back from the field on a Twitter blog or in articles, if I can go.



  • Vinay

    I would like to get a ticket! If I am confirmed, I can make my travel expenses to Paris & my accommodation fare as well. Lemme know if I can get one please :) ?

  • Andrew Davies

    We would benefit from quality feedback from the participants and attendees, which would be awesome. Also, I would get to say “Mange tout, mange tout” (in a Del Boy cockney accent) multiple times…

  • John

    I have submit my start up in leweb 3 but i cant afford to buy the ticket .I am a young Greek entrepreneur launching in the end of the year and wishing to change the social networking experience of the internet users.Are these enough reasons to pass me a free ticket?
    P.S. i speak French also and this came as a gift from God to me.I totaly believe i will win the competition .You can support me!Thx!

  • pierre

    would love to go to share my plan to dominate the wild web ;-)

  • Frederik Fix

    I hope to find an investor for my not yet launched startup. Plus I would love to brush up on my French.

  • Doc

    There are two main personal reasons to go to “blue sky” conferences like leWeb3.

    The first is to hear what other people believe the future to be. It is too easy to fall into a self-censor trap, where the view of the future is limited to what interests your friends share. Face to face meetings allow a huge amount more information exchange than any web surfing ever could. Attending LeWeb3 provides direction for where to concentrate your energy for future career plans, what technologies need to be studied and mastered, and what to keep an eye on.
    Par contre, it is only by physical presence and social interaction that you can influence what others think. Conferences are an ideal opportunity to share your deep convictions on technology and social interaction drawn from a lifetime of experience. It doesn’t do any good if you can’t give back while you are absorbing fresh ideas.

    Of course, there is one business reason to get into LeWeb3, to promote your website business plan to as many people as you can meet in two days and one evening.

    Now, LeWeb3 purposely has kept it’s entry fee high to discourage small companies and independents from participating, and to ensure the upper echelon of the technorazzi isn’t too disturbed by the rabble of startups with small budgets or who haven’t received a first round of investment capital. Impossible to try lobbyconning at Pt. de Versailles, security is way too fascist to let anyone wait around out front without a badge. I hadn’t planned on going to LeWeb3, despite being in the area, and I’ve already contacted friends who will be in town for the conference so we can have dinner together. But if Loïc is giving away tickets, I have no problem scribbling out five paragraphs for a chance at one. I am helping several small startups to get their business plans together, so this would be an excellent opportunity for them if I won a free ticket.

  • alan p

    Well, we could cost-justify going then, and would get the opportunity to write even more tongue in cheek off-takes on tech doings in Broadstuff :)

    On second thoughts, maybe you shouldn’t give us a ticket then…….

  • henri

    Why going to Le Web?
    Because it is Le must-attend event for the whole european internet community in December. Additionally it’s a great opportunity to figure out that eating Le cheese with La baguette while sipping Le red wine is no bar to having Le web 2.0 mindset. Au revoir!

  • Richie

    Why would I want to go? Simple.

    Wine, women and web!

  • dc crowley

    Hey Mike have I won yet? :-D

  • Imran Ali

    Me! Me! Me!

  • Liam

    Hopefully late entrants go to the top of the prize draw pile.

  • Mike Butcher

    I’m happy to announce Andrew Davies and David Haywood Smith have won the competition. Commiserations to everyone else.

  • john

    Hope you have reviewed my site and at least send me some feedback, its valuable for me…anyway thx for your time!and congratulations to the winners!!!wishing you the best !John.

  • Anne

    Hi dear TC Team!
    Since I am working on the BP of my future startup, I would love to go to the Web3 in Paris i.o. to meet BA, VCs and other professionals of the Internet.
    I think it is one of the major events of our sector, but the entry ticket is expensive for a young entrepreneur.
    I hope I will win the sweesptake you’re organizing.
    Keep up with the good work!

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