Jango: Social radio done right

jango-logo.png Moving to NYC revived my faith in music as I often frequented popular venues like the Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Pianos and other hotbeds for new music. I haven’t been to a show in quite some time, which has resulted in me listening to the same albums I’ve been listening to for the last four months. It really sucks because music helps me get through an otherwise monotonous and boring day. I’ve tried last.fm and Pandora, but I just don’t get it. I hate Pandora’s layout and I think the music genome project is a joke. All of its suggestions have sucketh. Last.fm lacks the social networking qualities I’ve grown accustomed to from Facebook and MySpace and the ‘similar artists’ algorithm sucks as much as Pandora. So what should I do?

Too lazy to read the rest? You really don’t need to (but you should because I made a funny), just try it out. We love Jango and Jango loves us, so click here for private Beta hotness.

Beta Invites For Social Music Site Jango [TechCrunch]