People claim Manhunt 2 will destroy Western Civilization


Here come the outrage mongers. As you’re well aware, Manhunt 2 comes out today. Predictably, all sorts of family-oriented “leaders” are up in arms over the game’s release. (Never mind that these “leaders” would be out of a job if they didn’t complain about anything.) The big, scary claim now is that children, my God children, could log onto the Internet and download a copy of the game, exposing them to all sorts of pornographic violence. Don’t forget regular pornography!

Whatever, these guys calling for the game to be divorced from America need to calm down. It’s rated M, it’s not for kids. That kids might get their hands on it is irrelevant; kids can download all sorts of horrifying things from the Internet. I say we hand out copies of the game to the little trick-or-treaters tonight and see what happens.

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