Myxer Surpasses 3 Million Mark

myxer.jpgMyxer, a mobile content delivery company, announced that it has reached over 3 million users, making it one of the largest distributors of mobile content. In April of this year Myxer reached 1 million users and has tripled that number in less than six months. If growth continues at this pace, within ten years aliens in a galaxy far, far away will be downloading wallpaper and ringtones from Myxer.

Currently, more than 7 million pieces if mobile content are downloaded per month, at a rate of roughly 3 downloads per second. Myxer offers over 150,000 free ad-supported ringtones, wallpapers and videos. Users can make their own ringtones, videos and wallpaper from music and files a customer already owns.

“We think that reaching this milestone so quickly is a statement about how easy our platform and mobile content site are to use, and is also a clear confirmation of the growing demand for mobile content in general,” said Myk Willis, founder and chief technology officer of Myxer. “Our continued growth will be fueled by our aggressive recruitment of content partners, user adoption of new content types like video and over-the-air song downloads, and the vast international opportunity we are just beginning to tap into.”