Lonely tonight? Try the soup!

Psst… rest of the world. Come here. Don’t tell Japan. OK. We need to stage an intervention or something because this stuff is getting crucial. We were OK with eht cosplay and the tentacle porn and the robot fetishes. Hell, some of us can even accept the blurred out naughty bits in their many and various forms of pornographic representation. But this is freaking nuts.

Sure, it looks like a can of ramen. But it’s ramen that you, in no uncertain terms, are supposed to screw. You pop open the top, drop the wanger in, and do your business. Then you — what do you do with a spent cup of noodles containing your main seed and your dignity? Give it to your mom to throw away? Hide it behind your futon? I’m hoping to Jeebus that this is a gag gift and that something was lost in translation but knowing what I know about Japanese sexy time, this has to be a serious tool for getting it on with a freaking noodle bowl. So we all need to stick together on this one, guys. We need to sit Japan down, give it a good talking too and maybe send it to rehab. If we don’t, expect sashimi-shaped vibrators and a Mario real doll [NSFW] in the next few years.

Cup Nude [DannyChoo]