Docstoc Opens For Business (Documents)

doctsoc-logo.pngWant to share some of those secret company files with the world? Starting today, you can upload them to Docstoc and share them in an embeddable Flash player. Actually, the service is more for standard business documents like leases, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, wills and the like.
Docstoc is designed to be a shared repository of commonly used forms and documents. (I embedded the press release of Docstoc’s public launch below in a DocStoc player). Docstoc competes with Scribd and is a TechCrunch40 company.

Today, Docstoc is coming out of its private beta into a public beta. Anyone can now upload and share documents. Already, there are 12,000 documents on the site. There is no limit to how many you can upload, and Docstoc accepts the following file formats: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rft, and .pdf. To encourage people to try out the service, Docstoc is running a contest. Every week in November, the user who uploads the most professional documents (random filler doesn’t count) will get an iPod Touch. To qualify, users must (1) be registered members (join here), (2) upload documents that are publicly shared and (3) the uploaded documents must benefit the community. For a full set of rules click here

Winners will be announced each Sunday at 12:00am PST on the Docstoc blog. Users can see how they are doing in the contest, in real time, by visiting the docsters page and clicking on “most docs this week”

Here is the press release in a Docstoc:

Here are some screen shots:docstoc-screenshot.png