D-Link Releases Xtreme N Gaming Router

D-Link announced today that it has begun shipping the next increment of its Xtreme N Gaming Router. The DGL-4500 comes complete with GameFuel technology which is essentially a QoS system that is optimized for game traffic.

The device uses the latest Draft 802.11n standard and promises wireless transfer speeds up to 300Mbps. It also supports Gigagabit ethernet, for those of you who can deal with wires. D-Link also claims that the device is further optimized with a high-performance CPU that could, conceivably speed things up somewhat.

But the coolest feature by far is the OLED network activity display. It allows users gamers to actively monitor transfer rates and to keep an eye on network settings. Plus it looks quiet sexy. What’s not exactly sexy? The $240 price tag, but what the hell, people will pay top dollar for products with gamer in the title.