zBoost YX300 zP zPersonal Repeater Kit: Bad cell reception be gone

I just found out about a site called RepeaterStore chock full of cell repeaters. These boxes essentially boost your cellular signal in a certain location, offering impressive improvements in reception. I reviewed the YX500 already but this smaller, personal model looks like it might have a little less unwieldily antenna than the YX500’s huge coaxial/antenna combo. In fact, the YX300’s attaches straight onto your window with suction cups.

The device claims to improve CDMA and GSM voice and data signals, and I can hearby state that these things work. While they’re obviously not as good as those little things you used to stick to your cellphone to get a a massive boost in reception, I can tell you that dead zones in your house will definitely be knocked out.

Check out their blog for tips on improving EVDO/HSDPA coverage, as well.

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