Digg Images On The Way

In a conversation with Digg founder Kevin Rose tonight at The Lobby conference in Hawaii, he mentioned that Digg would be adding an Images category on top of the existing News, Video and Podcasts.

This was originally mentioned in a Digg blog post back in August – Rose says the feature will launch by end of year. Lots of images are already uploaded to Digg today; the new category, like video, will better organize the information.

When a user bookmarks a URL and selects an image from the bookmarked page, a thumbnail will be auto-created for inclusion in the Digg post (very similar to how Digg Video looks today).

Rose also said that Digg will clean up the taxonomy of the site and make it identical across all main content types. So no matter what sub category you are currently in, you can easily switch to other types of content for that category. Or just click “All” and see all content for that topic.

What does all this mean? Digg is continuing to add content types in a structured way, and cleaning up its taxonomy to provide an easy way to navigate the site based on topical interests.

This news is interesting to heavy Digg users…for others, not so much. But in a separate conversation with Digg CEO Jay Adelson, he talked about Digg’s efforts to turn the corner from a tech-focus to mainstream news. Some of the data points he shared with me are surprising. I’ll put together my notes on that and post later today. It’s been well over a year now since we did a podcast with Adelson and Rose. We’re trying to find time to schedule an update.