Facebook finally goes mobile

I love Facebook, and I love the mobile Web. That is why I’m on my knees thanking Facebook for the new mobile version at m.facebook.com. It’s one of the best looking and most functional mobile social networking sites out there. From it, you can do pretty much anything you can do on Facebook proper; check your email, poke your friends, view photos, all of it. And it’s fast, so even you iphone users (iphone.facebook.com) are in luck.

If you rock a Blackberry, Facebook has also made available a downloadable client, much like Helio’s MySpace client. This gives you more functionality than a Web interface and is also even faster, as many of the site’s assets are already on your handset.

I’ve been using it with Opera Mini on my Ocean and it works fantastically. The Palm Centro renders it quite well with the built-in browser, too. If you’re a Facebook fan, give it a whirl.

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