Widgets invade Brighton

Event News: People are decorating their social profiles with widgets and that’s created a market, whether you call them MySpace widgets or Facebook applications. Widgets had a boom of interest earlier in the year but have since been slightly overshadowed by the rise of Facebook. However, they haven’t gone away and the concept looks set for plenty of growth next year as they become carriers of marketing, brand and advertising messages into most social networks. It’s fair to say that pretty much every social network worth its salt is poised to follow Facebook’s lead and build a widget/application platform by the end of next year. That will create a huge potential market.

That’s why it interesting that Widgety Goodness, the first European conference on web widgets, kicks off on Thursday December 6th at the Corn Exchange, Brighton. Speakers include Tariq Krim (founder Netvibes), Russell Davies (OpenIntelligenceAgency) and Ivan Pope (founder Snipperoo) and a host of others. Bloggers can apply for a blogger pass to the event, and as well as early bird discounts you can get a special TechCrunch discount. Plus they will be ‘eating their own dog food’ – if I can put it that way – by running a live social network throughout the event.

TechCrunch UK will also be hosting an after-event drinks party. If you would like to be a sponsor partner please get in contact.