New '3rd Space' gaming vest lets you feel the frag


Oh joy! Next time I think I’m man enough to play a first person shooter against kids half my age, I’ll be sure to wear this thing.

That way, I’ll be able to feel myself getting shot non-stop thanks to 8 special zones placed around the vest that shoot a hard puff of air based upon where you’re hit.

This actually looks like a cool device and if I didn’t suck so bad at FPS games, I might pick one up. The best part? It’s not ridiculously expensive at $189. You’ll get a custom FPS developed by TN Games, the company that sells the vest, plus a special version of Call of Duty II that makes use of the technology. There are also patches for Doom 3, Quake 3, and Quake 4 that’ll be available soon.

The vest ships on November 21st. You can preorder it now and get a $20 discount.

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