Nokia's Latest Pocket Computer (the N810) as Mobile Platform

picture-41.pngNokia officially announced its latest pocket computer, the N810. It’s got a full slide-out keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, the works, and is due out next month for $479. Nokia has more like this coming. It now thinks of the phone as a computer, and its goal is to sell it not just to geeks and early adopters but to the mass audience as well. The N810 is its latest step in that direction. Crunchgear has more photos.

The real news, though, is around Nokia’s efforts to build its Ovi platform. Ovi is a set of APIs that Nokia is using to create mobile Web services for its phones, including the N810. And it wants other developers to do the same. So it is supporting Ovi in its developer tools that 3.5 million mobile-phone programmers are already using today. The race for the mobile 2.0 development platform is on.