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• A rather odd event has crossed my desk in the shape of the London Startup Weekend on November 30- December 2: “Startup Weekend is an idea, an experiment, a chance gather the tech community and create a company over one jam packed weekend.” But organiser Andrew Hyde appears to be a web developer from Boulder, Colorado, US, who appears to be on some kind of startup hell trip. “In the next 6 weeks I will be cofounding 6 companies with 3-450 cofounders. What are you up to?” he says jauntily on his blog. Really Andrew, do tell. He’s even doing an event in Dublin. Personally I think this is just a clever plan to get free accommodation and perhaps the odd shag across the planet, but then that’s just me. I’m just old, cynical… and jealous. I’m sure it’ll be just great.

• Ryan Carson, founder of Future-Of-Insert-Geek-Event-Here / Carsonified and darling of the geek UK/European geek community, has started a war of words with YCombinator founder Paul Graham. Essentially Ryan reckons you don’t need to go to Silicon Valley to do a startup. Paul disagrees. Go Ryan!

• Idiomag, an online magazine which repackages RSS feeds into a Flash interface, has now built a Facebook application. Other improvements include some design tweaks, some more content providers, and the site has been nominated in the .net magazine awards. The site is billed as a personal online magazine which will share ad revenue with content providers of RSS feeds. Let me know if you’ve made any money out of Idiomag. I’d love to know…

• Remember That ‘different’ take on photo and video sharing which somehow locked all the content up so no-one could see it? Ok, ok, so, only your friends and family could see it. Well the UK-based startup from Mashupevent maven Simon Grice is planning a re-launch and has kicked things off with a new design. I can’t wait.

  • jamescoops

    i love these ascerbic round-ups – much more interesting than startup news

  • Callum

    “… get free accommodation and perhaps the odd shag across the planet …”

    Is this a thing that happens!? Are there really start-up groupies!? How can one find these people who will jump into bed for a glimpse of your business plan, or who’ll throw underwear upon seeing a powerpoint slide of your 5 year revenue projections?

    Suddenly all manner of horrible ideas/memories are flashing through my mind, not least of which involves a certain entrepreneur introducing himself to a young lady as his company’s CLO — Chief Lurve Officer.

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  • Brill Pappin

    There is more to the Startup Weekend story than what is generally heard:
    Read back on this blog for a bit of history:

    What generally came of it is that there is now a growing number of cities talking about organizing a different event more in tune with their own local culture but drawing on experience and providing support for one another world wide.

    At this point I don’t know who is public about it, except that Burmingham (US) (who was originally setting up a Startup Weekend) has been somewhat vocal.

  • alan p

    While I agree with Ryan’s sentiments it takes more than passion to make these things happen. There needs to be startup infrastructure, small business policy and a removal of the funding “equity gap”. Tried to put some thoughts on the matter on our blog here:……Silicon-Valley-FOWA-flashback.html

    From Paul Graham’s view you can work out that London needs more of:

    – A structured skill cluster in the city that forms a first market for startups
    – Access to bold investors
    – F2F contact networks that are “always on” and meritocratic
    – Access to smart, ambitious people from wherever

    To these I’d add (based on research I’ve seen elsewhere) top class universities, and living infrastructure that is Good for Geeks

    I know its fashionable to think we are 80% of the way there, but having been in the valley I’d say its more like 33% still – though its getting better.

    If we Londoners want to make this happen we need to put our shoulders to a number of wheels and get our collective arses in gear.

    The other thing is we need to play to our cluster strengths – London is predominantly media, finance and services, not infrastructure or deep tech.

  • Mike Butcher

    Alan, that was a killer comment, thanks. It makes me think we need to get some kind of delegation to address the powers that be in London…

  • Brill Pappin

    @alan p

    Funny you should say that. I just posted a message in one of the Toronto forums that one of the ways a global community could support one another is a “tool suite” dedicated to making it all work together.

    I think that’s the direction things will move in as people get to talking and start setting things up.

    I know Ron Smith (Innovation Toronto) has been talking to other groups in the US and Germany about what might be done… I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it all (and helping with it if I can squeeze another hour out of my 26 hour day).

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