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UK TV news provider ITN is to launch a channel on YouTube, making it one of the first UK media companies to employ YouTube’s new in-video ad format that runs “transparent” overlays just under the video.

The content will be largely sourced from ITN’s multimedia division, ITN On. This will consist mostly of entertainment programming and content from ITN Source, the company’s archive business. There will be port sport, film and interestingly: Bollywood programmes (no doubt to better monetise the niche South Asian viewership, whom broadcast TV advertising tends to fail).

  • Agency guy

    Big news! ITV unable to sell video advertising on own site! Relents to hand over said monetisation to Google!

    This was all over the press yesterday, not today…

  • Mike Butcher

    Hey, thought was worth mentioning Mr Cnet ‘agency guy’. ;-)

  • Jay Adair

    It is worth mentioning, I didn’t know about it. Thanks Mike.

  • Scot

    “There will be port, film and interestingly: Bollywood programmes”

    I know there is (or least was) a channel on Sky dedicated to wine, but isn’t dedicated “port” programming a bit overly niche for a company like ITN? While they are obviously going after niche markets with things like Bollywood programmes, having programmes dedicated to a particular type of fortified wine is probably taking things a bit to far.

  • Mike Butcher

    Nah. I’ve been watching the Port channel on Sky for ages. It’s got a great following.

  • Agency guy

    Are you IP checking all of your posters, or do you ask them first?

    So long.

  • Mike Butcher

    Apologies, over-stepped the mark. Come back, all is forgiven!

  • Sam Dutton

    >> Big news! ITV unable to sell video advertising on own site!

  • Sam Dutton

    “Big news! ITV unable to sell video advertising on own site!”

    It’s ITN, not ITV.

    (ITN is the company that makes news programmes for ITV — as well as Channel 4, mobile phone networks, radio stations, etc.)

    ITN videos are already getting a lot more views on YouTube than they ever could ever hope for on

    …and you can check my IP if you want ;-)

  • Mike Butcher

    Sam – Weird. The Times seems to think it’s ITN as well.

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