Google Urchin v.6 Rumored To Launch Today

Update: It’s official.

Rumors, rumors. Google is preparing to launch version 6 of Urchin this morning at the emetrics conference in Washington DC, according to multiple sources. This is the server side analytics product, not Urchin as a service, which is now called Google Analytics.

Recently, cries for an update, any update, to Urchin have reached a fever pitch. Google acquired Urchin in March 2005 and has regularly updated Google Analytics since relaunching it in November 2005. But the server side product has been stuck at v.5.7, and people have long since wondered if it was going to be simply discontinued.

If what we are hearing is correct, Google’s Brett Crosby will announce the product at 10:30 AM EST at the conference. No word on what updates are coming, but Urchin users will be happy just to know the product is still alive.

Look for an update on the Google Analytics blog.