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Later this month Virtual Worlds Forum Europe (VWFE) is going to be the first major conference in Europe, let along the UK, about – guess what – virtual worlds. It’s odd that it’s taken this long to have a major event about this most fascinating of areas, of interest both to everyone from technology entrepreneurs to media/marketing people.

Of particular interest to TechCrunch readers is going to be the VC panel on day two (Thursday 25th October) at 16.00 – 16.40, featuring a venture capital take on monetising virtual worlds, with the likes of Ben Holmes (Index Ventures), Nic Brisbourne (Esprit Capital) and Sean Seaton-Rogers (Balderton Capital).

Plus, on the evening of Tuesday October 23, there are Drinks with SXSWi in association with VWFE.

Overall, VWFE looks pretty interesting (though I must declare an interest, as I sat on the advisory board). From October 23rd to 26th the show will pack in 60 leading speakers, tracks on enterprise virtual worlds and the consumer perspective, workshops, networking opportunities (and parties). And something I think is pretty cool – a four day member pass to The Hospital a private members’ club for delegates.

The event will also bring the X|Media|Lab – the internationally acclaimed think-tank and creative workshop for digital media professionals – to London for the first time on the Friday of that week.

TechCrunch UK has a VIP code for anyone wanting to get which will get you of 15% off the conference fee. Just quote “VIPS011”. See you there.

  • http://crunchgear.com/2007/09/18/live-from-london-the-apple-announcement-starts-at-5am-edt-2am-pdt/ Yinka

    During the iPhone UK launch, you tricked us into leaving commmets with the promise of a free phone. As far as I know nobody won. Now you are doing it again. This is not fair.

  • Mike Butcher

    Hi Yinka, how’s New York? Lemme check what happened with that as it was an offer on the US-based Crunch-gear site, not this site.

  • John Biggs

    Hey. We shipped that phone a week after the event. Don’t worry. People win.

  • chris sherman

    Mike is an investor in this conference – just FYI – thou he does not mention it in this post.

  • Mike Butcher

    Chris Sherman – Actually you are totally wrong, I am NOT an investor, I sat on the advisory board and did some blogging for them but that was it. PROVE I’m an investor. I’d love to see the document! I could do with a good laugh.

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