Slingo Quest Game goes Mobile with I-Play

iplay13.jpgI-Play announced today that the popular game Slingo Quest will be available for mobile phone users. Slingo Quest is a combination of classic Slingo games, such as puzzle solving and casino type games, with an island hopping storyline that develops as the game is played. Slingo Quest has a lot of content. The game includes 60 levels, 300 rating stars to collect, and nine game achievements to fulfill. In Europe the game is being launched as Slingo Bingo.

David Gosen, President, I-play, commented: “Slingo Quest is a well loved online casual games property and we’re excited about the impact it will have on mobile. The Slingo franchise is also available via Oberon Media’s online platform and PixelPlay’s iTV platform, and we will naturally be looking to cross pollinate Slingo’s huge online community to mobile.”

Eric Lamendola, Director of Business Development, Slingo Inc. “We’re excited as a content provider to be the first to work with one company with the expertise and distribution capabilities to take our franchise to the three screens of mobile, online and iTV. This can only help the many casual game developers and content providers achieve broad based success. We’re particularly excited about Slingo Quest’s global mobile launch and hope to leverage the success we’ve had online, onto mobile.”

Computer game developers continue to tap into the potential that the mobile revolution has. Adding the on-line type games that Slingo hosts to the mobile community has the potential to be a big hit.