Not the Zune 2: RAmos MiniQ

Some of you thought our Zune 2coverage went overboard yesterday. Then again, I seem to remember hearing similar complaints regarding our recent iPod coverage as well. Can’t please ’em all, I suppose.

But hey, here’s a DAP that has nothing to do with Apple or Microsoft, the RAmos MiniQ. I mean, if you can spot the DAP in some of these photos I’ll give you one dollar (they’re worthless now anyway). There’s almost too many features to even try to list, but here it goes: 2GB, OLED display, SRS WOW (lol)… Think iPod Shuffle, but one with a tiny screen. Much more exciting than new iPods or new Zunes.

It’s like that “Seinfeld” episode, where Jerry is talking to a model and asks what the magazine ad they’re looking at is for [the jeans rolled up in the corner].

RAmos MiniQ MP3 Player [Techfresh]