Blabberize Is One Of The Funniest Services I've Seen In A Long Time

Blabberize is a new service that allows you to create your own talking picture, basically a moving mouth on a still image.

Using Blabberize is simple. Users upload a photo of someone to Blabberize, select a mouth and then record a message. Once done, users can email a link to the Blabberize hosted page or embed the result.

Blabberize was developed based on a demonstration at Yahoo’s Open Hack Day event in September.

With sincerest apologies to Nick Douglas, the following Blabberize was put together by Chris Pirillo, who I have to thank for the tip (please note: there is language that some readers may not like in the clip). There are a wealth of other examples as well on their website, which for me at least had me in stiches. I’m not sure what the business model looks like, but it sure is a lot of fun.
Update: it looks like we might have taken Blabberize offline (it’s up at times, but slow) with this post. Below is another Chris Pirillo clip but served (hopefully more reliably) by YouTube.