Bungie says Halo 3 not in true high-def, but for a reason

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What’s more shocking to hear than “the Mets won’t be in the playoffs this year”? Oh, I don’t know, how about “Halo 3 doesn’t natively run in high definition.”

Um, wtf? Halo‘s not in HD? ‘fraid not…

It seems the game moves along with two frame buffers, whatever those are, both of which run at 1152×640, several pixels short of 720p. This was done to ensure the dynamic lighting chugged along as smoothly as possible. So technically, the game doesn’t run at native HD.

Bungie has a far more technical explanation on its Web site of what it did and why. Bottom line is that Bungie has your best interests at heart.

Bungie Weekly Update: 09/28/07 [Bungie.net via Xbox-Scene]