YouTube Gets Adsensed

youtubeadsense.jpgGoogle has launched YouTube Adsense video units that let users monetize a YouTube video embed with text or image ads.

The product is not dissimilar to one of the multitude of slide products currently on the market, essentially you use the unit as a display point for your favorite content (in this case from YouTube). Site visitors get to play videos from your list with the ads displayed when these videos are played, and like Adsense you get paid when people click on the ads.

As Google Operating System points out, it’s not clear as yet exactly what videos will be available; whether it’s a run of site option excluding premium videos that don’t allow embedding, or just particular content partners, like the creators currently part of the YouTube advertising program.

According to Google, the YouTube units can be delivered by category or perhaps more interestingly: contextually, “Bringing users to your site more often and keep them there longer with highly relevant, frequently refreshed video from popular content providers.”