Digital Life 2007: Parrot 3.5-inch Photo Frame Debuted

Parrot really loves Bluetooth. In fact, I’m pretty sure if a Parrot was a doughnut, Bluetooth would be a cup of coffee. What? OK, anyways, Parrot unveiled its new 3.5-inch Bluetooth photo frame today. It comes in several different colors with a stitched leather trim surrounding the tiny display. Although tiny, it displays pictures beautifully and can hold up to 100 of them on its internal storage.

Incredibly exciting, isn’t it? It better be for $149.99. After the jump, the complete specs and another photo.

Bluetooth wireless photo viewer: digital photo frame
• High-resolution LCD TFT screen with 320 x 234 pixels
• 262 144 colour display
• Effective LCD size: 3.5 inches
• Built-in light sensor
• Compatible image format: JPEG (700 K to 7 M pixels)
• 32 MB internal memory for storing over 100 photos
• Portrait or landscape position sensor
• Automatic image resizing
• Menus: Slideshow, Picture, Delete, Reposition, Language…
• Fitting: free-standing or wall-mounted
• Power lead
• Frame: white-leaded oak or leather (depending on model)

• Built-in Bluetooth receiver
• Bluetooth version 1.2
• Bluetooth profiles supported: FTP, OPP and BIP
• Receives pictures from up to 10 metres away
• Pairing: not required with this product
• Software updates by Bluetooth

Dimensions and Weight
• Width: 8.6 cm
• Height: 10.6 cm
• Depth: 1.5 cm
• Weight: 260 g (not incl. frame)
• ARM 9 + 64 MB SDRAM
• Storage memory: 32 MB NAND Flash!<