Sony Unveils Inexpensive VAIO NR Series

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Sony makes great electronics, but boy oh boy can it make some terrible computers. Overpriced, always breaking and never a good bargain, the Sony VAIO is a platform I’ve avoided for years. Now with the new NR series of laptops, things might change a bit for the Japanese electronics manufacturer. Starting at $750, the VAIO NR series is priced for those on a budget. Don’t worry though, Sony hooked it up with plenty of features to make it worthwhile.

On the new VAIO NR laptops you’ll find:
-One of three new colors: wenge, silk, and granite
-A “fabric-like feel”
-15.4-inch XBRITE-ECO WLCD
-Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs on select models
-Windows Vista Home Premium
-A DVD burner for burnin’ the hot flix
-802.11a/b/g wireless
-LocationFree software for place-shifting live TV, etc.
-Multi card reader and ports o’ plenty

As long as the processor is decent and Sony didn’t cheap out on RAM, this sounds like a decent buy. Let’s hope it’s not plagued by past VAIO issues.

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