$100 Laptop, Only $400

Everybody’s been talking about the so called $100 for about two years now and finally you can get your hands on one. Just as long as you send one to a no good kid as well. Besides the fact that you can get a fairly decent Compaq for about the same price, this is a great idea. It’s a good way for OLPC to get their little green notebook into the hands of technologically deprived kids in developing nations. The premise kinda wears off as the price climbs though considering the upcoming Asus EeePC packs better specs for only $50 more.

You can’t help but wonder if that $200 would be better off providing food and medical care. Then again a life without blogging and lolcats is not one worth living.

OLPC Give 1 Get 1 Program: XO-1 Laptop USA Sales!!!