Snapvine Raises $10 Million

snapvine.pngOnline voice messaging service Snapvine has raised a $10 million round led by Bridgescale Partners, a new Silicon Valley firm. This is on top of a $2 million round they raised back in last year from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, First Round Capital, and Russell Siegelman.

Snapvine makes a widget that lets you leave voice comments for friends and is one of the many competing online voicemail widgets. The service has also been used to connect celebrities and fans, similar to SayNow, which closed a $7.5 million series A at the end of August. There are many other voice messaging services out there that offer more utility, including Jangl and Jaxtr, which offer cheaper anonymous phone calls on top of voice messaging. Jangl has recently gotten access to millions of users as a widget on Tagged’s homepages and Jaxtr has over a million registered users. Snapvine reports that their application has been installed on five million user profiles across the various social networking sites.