Details On Eye Of Judgment Emerge

One of the more exciting reasons for owning a Playstation 3 has to be The Eye of Judgement, Sony’s new title that uses a camera for game interaction. Today on the official Playstation Blog, Sony unveiled five new things about the upcoming title. While a few were silly jokes like how “Judgment” is spelled with only one E, the rest was valuable information for the rabid PS3 owner.

As far as pricing goes, the game will cost $69.99 and that includes the game itself, the Playstation Eye camera, a camera stand, a “9 Fields Battle Mat” (whatever that is), a Starter deck and a Booster pack with some summoning cards for playing the game. You’ll be able to pick it up October 23rd More and more this game is starting to sound like Magic: The Gathering meets EyeToy. Hopefully Wizards of the Coast will have a playable version available at Digital Life.

5 Things You *Don’t* Know: The Eye Of Judgment [Playstation Blog]