Blaupunkt Memory Card Car Stereo Nixes CDs


I can count the number of times I’ve used my car’s CD player on one hand (it’s five or less) so it comes as great comfort to me to see the above device available for $150. If my stereo ever kicks the bucket, I’d be quite happy switching to an all-memory card format.

The Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 receiver handles MP3 and WMA files loaded onto SD or MMC cards, has a front auxiliary input, and can be outfitted with a $20 iPod connector and/or a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth part is as expensive as the receiver itself so you’d have to really be sitting in a tree with the idea of a 30-foot personal area network, if you catch my drift.

Other features include:

– 18 watts RMS power output, 45 watts peak
– 2 preamp outputs (2 volts)
– 3-band equalizer
– Wireless remote
– Detachable face
– Rear aux input in addition to the front one
– CD changer controls
– FM/AM radio with 15 and 10 presets, respectively

Not bad for a Benjamin and a half, although you can pick up stereos with similar features at Target or Walmart for $80 if you’re willing to put up with the "inconvenience" of having a CD player feature. Sarcasm! Seriously, though, I’d think that the Blaupunkt unit would sound a bit better and be somewhat more reliable. Whether it’s worth an extra $70 is up to you.

Anybody out there have a deck like this? How do you like it?

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 Receiver [] via OhGizmo!