FileRadar Brings Digg-Thinking To Gaming Downloads

Gaming downloads can be a pain. When the hottest new demos are released, such as the upcoming Halo 3 from Microsoft, the official servers can be brought to their knees. Some users go to BitTorrent to get the files, and others scour the message boards for alternative download sites.

It’s also hard to know what the best games out there are. Gamers can rely on review sites and other sources for news. But just as Digg has created a more efficient way to distribute news by removing the middle-men, new site FileRadar is doing the same for gaming files.

Users submit links to gaming files (demos, mods, patches, etc.) that they think are hot, and other users vote up those submissions in exactly the same way Digg works. If the official servers are down, users link to alternate sites to keep the bits flowing.

The new site was created by the guys at FutureUS, a well known distributor of gaming magazines.