Zune 2 Launch Date Confirmed


Stop what you’re doing. This is breaking news, folks. The launch date for the Zune 2 has supposedly been confirmed. October 16 will be a glorious day where we’ll see those pink, green, red, and black Zunes in 4-, 8- and 80GB flavors. The ‘leaked’ pics are an accurate representation, but we’ll still see the double-shot casing and it might not be so shiny. The navigation circle has been replaced by a ‘squircle’ with no center button. It’s all very exciting isn’t it? check out the full transcript between Zune Scene and their source.

ZuneScene: So how are the new Zunes coming?
Source: Good, the Zunes are now in PV
ZuneScene: What’s PV?
Source: Product validation
ZuneScene: So do you expect to release in October or November?
Source: October
ZuneScene: Do you have a set release date?
Source: Right now we are gunning for Oct 16th
ZuneScene: What about the pictures leaked on the internet, are they real?
Source: what pictures?
ZuneScene: They show the flash Zune you call draco in pink, red, and black with no chrome bezel around the LDC screen
Source: sounds right, do they show the squircle?
ZuneScene: What’s that?
Source: The new button is like a square or polygon with rounded edges, it’s not a perfect circle
ZuneScene: Yes, the pictures show that.
Source: It doesn’t have a center button, but it has a dome underneath so you can push it from any side, its really cool. If the pictures show the squircle they are correct.
ZuneScene: Are the back and play buttons positioned like Mickey Mouse ears?
Source: Yes, on the small Zune they are. On the big one they are on the sides.
ZuneScene: Will there be green along with red, pink and black? The picture doesn’t show green.
Source: Yes the green looks like an old army jeep green, the pink looks like pepto bismol.
ZuneScene: What about the big zunes, the scorpios?
Source: Scorpio looks like the original, but with the squircle.
ZuneScene: iPod announced a 160gb model, will there be a 160?
Source: Right now we just have the 80, but more will come later I’m sure. If you are into video, you will want a Zune. The displays are awesome on the new Zunes.
ZuneScene: Is the Zune phone next?
Source: I’m not sure about that.
ZuneScene: So there is no Zunephone?
Source: well, I didn’t say that
ZuneScene: well, it’s not in production?
Source: it’s not in production.
ZuneScene: So there is no decision to make it?
Source: not yet, as far as I know.
ZuneScene: OK, well this is good stuff, thanks!
Source: sure, thanks for the call.

Zune 2 October 16th Launch Confirmed [Zune Scene]