Propeller Lives…For Now

prop.jpgYaaarrrrr! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day and what better way to celebrate than with a nautically themed post. The new Netscape is now the old Netscape (but called Propeller) and is now live at

The new old Netscape/ Propeller looks just like the old new Netscape, but with a new logo and URL. The old Netscape is now the new Netscape with the formerly new Netscape becoming the old new Netscape.

If that’s confusing try doing it whilst sounding like a pirate.

There be icebergs ahoy! and see our previous coverage here. Also today Digg decided to move towards a Facebook model, more here.

Update: Tong Hung has details on how Propeller has already hit some rocks, with news that spammers have found a way to get listed on Propeller: see here. Interesting for a site that is suppose to have human guides, Tramadol links appear in the results. A short guess: the new name came with a big downsizing.