Kaltura Wins Spot as 40th Company at TechCrunch40

Brooklyn-based Kaltura has earned the honor to present as the 40th company in this year’s TechCrunch40 conference, beating next generation forums provider Tangler by a handful of votes.

The company, which has been demoing in our DemoPit all of today, received the most poker chips of any company in the pit over the past two days. Conference attendees were given two chips – one to give to their favorite company in the pit on Monday, and one to give to their favorite company from today’s pit. Therefore, Kaltura is the people’s choice out of about 100 non-presenting companies that have showcased their products at TC40.

Kaltura calls itself a “pioneer in collaborative media” and claims that its product enables users to do with video, audio, and animation what wikis have enabled them to do with text. The company works with both both end-users and channel providers. Collaborations are largely centered at kaltura.com, but they can be embedded elsewhere on the net well.

Take a tour of Kaltura here.

Kaltura was founded in October 2006 and has 20 employees. It has so far received $2.1M in funding from angels and Avalon Ventures.