Dress Up That Old iMac In Chrome


Upon the introduction of the new iMac, I immediately dropped everything i was doing and asked myself if this were the time to take the plunge. Not a switch to Mac from PC since I already did that, but a huge investment into a desktop. I could totally get an older iMac for dirt cheap, but I want the brushed metal casing. As soon as i saw the ChroMac covers I thought this was going to be my chance, but it’s not. This is such a ghetto way to trick out that older iMac. I equate this to som poor bastard buying Wal Mart ‘spinners’ because he can’t afford the real thing except these craptacular covers aren’t cheap. They range from $500 to $700, which totally negates the point of purchasing an old iMac, right? Thought so.

Product Page [via Slippery Brick]