Avatar Meets Mobile Ringtone

hr_gg_vishnu_lakshmi_massage01_200.JPGMeez, an avatar (which literally means a descent of a Hindu god in visible form) service and Vringo, a company which specializes in video ringtone sharing, announced today an alliance to fully integrate Meez 3D avatars into Vringo’s video ringtone service. The gods are pleased; though appear much smaller than in stories past.

Nearly 3 million people around the world have created their own unique Meez avatars from over 4,500 digital choices. Virtual clothing, accessories, hairstyles, tattoos, physical attributes and 3D animations allow a customer to create an avatar even Vishnu would be proud of.

With the help of Vringo, mobile phone users can load their 3D Meez avatars onto their mobile handsets. And it’s free. Free is always an attention getter. When a call is made, the animated avatar appears on the receiver’s phone screen as a Vringo, the name given to a video ringtone from Vringo. Every time a person updates his or her avatar with Meez, the Vringo will automatically be updated. Users can also personalize their handsets with avatar wallpaper.

“Vringo’s video ringtone technology helps fulfill the long-awaited promise of avatars in the mobile world,” said Sean Ryan, Meez CEO. “Meez avatars make great wallpaper, but what our users really want is the ability to share their animated avatars with friends. Now they’ll be able to put their Meez on display whenever they make a call.”

The partnership between Meez and Vringo allow users to easily deploy their avatars on a variety of mobile phones, including those made by Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson and Samsung. Now Meez avatars that users post as digital IDs on their favorite social media Web sites and instant messenger services can be shared on yet another screen, the mobile phone screen. Gods and goddesses around the Universe are pleased.

“When we developed Vringo, we knew there was extensive graphic content on the Internet that wasn’t being utilized to its fullest extent,” said Vringo CEO Jon Medved. “By taking Meez avatars and blending them with Vringo, we’re able to deliver additional value and widen the audience.”