Opera Mini 4 Beta Hacked for Helio's Ocean! Again! With Full QWERTY Support!


This is the best news I’ve heard yet this week. But then it’s been a crappy week. Anyway, the ninjas of Heliocity with the help of a samurai named gmonk63 have hacked out a version of Opera Mini 4 for the Helio Ocean with full landscape and QWERTY support. While this might not sound like Earth-shattering news, it is to those of us who enjoy using what is arguably the bestest cellphone in the country.

Before I found my Ocean, I was a die-hard Treo user. The most popular app on my Treo was undoubtedly Opera Mini. Next to Apple’s implementation of Safari on the iPhone, (and the forthcoming iPod Touch,) Opera Mini is the best mobile Web browser you can use. It was the one thing I truly missed when I switched over to the Ocean. Not that the built-in browser is bad, it’s actually more useful than most. It’s just not Opera Mini.

If you’re an Ocean user, stop what you’re doing an hit up Heliocity to get the latest downloads of Opera Mini. It will inject a whole new level of usefulness into your already dope phone. Oh, and did I mention they whipped up an IRC client? Even more dope.

And congrats go out to the Heliocity crew, as hacks like this are hard work, and they do it out of passion for the platform, they don’t get paid. Nice work, fellas.

Opera Mini 4 Beta and WLIRC with QWERTY Support [Heliocity]