Apple Unveils Logic Studio and MainStage

Apple continues its streak of releasing new products this time with an updated piece of software, Logic Studio. An upgrade to Logic Pro, you now have a single-window UI that allows for total music production with the power of Logic Pro 8. Included is Soundtrack Pro 2, which allows for seamless post-production (Soundtrack really shines at this) without a cluttered interface. You’ll also have 80 pro plug-ins, 40 virtual instruments, and powerful live performance utilities.

Included with Logic Studio is MainStage, a new app that is designed for live performance or band rehearsals. Think of it as a mashup of Logic, GarageBand, Guitar Rig, and a bunch of DSP plug-ins. You can control effects and setups with MIDI and can customize sound settings to your liking all in a few clicks. One of the cooler features is how the UI is specifically setup to be viewed on stage from a distance with dim lighting. You get it all for only $499 too. Quite the deal when you look at other professional options like ProTools. Hit the link for the full scoop on Logic Studio.

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