Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "Jaike"

Jaike recommends a water pipe, shown here.

Hey guys,

Im a Decision Information Sciences Major at the University Of Florida finishing my masters this semester.

Some good (not all tech) stuff for college, seeing as i’ve been here a good minute now.


I have a Toshiba Satellite A-205, this laptop is great and does everything I need. The battery life is about 3 hours on powersave mode but don’t expect way too much out of it, it is a power-hog. This laptop has got me through the last year or so of my classes, basically giving me something to do during class.

For my printer I use a Epson Stylus CX600, it is a very good all in one printer. The scanner on it works great, not the fastest out there but definitely useful. There is also an all in one card reader that has saved me alot of times when im drunk and misplace my wires, seeing that I have god knows how many random wires floating around this place.

Then there is my 2gb Ipod nano that the screen decide to break on, but miraculously 3 months later it decide that it was done being broken and restored it self to full working capacity. I didnt know that ipods had the ability to self heal, too bad my last 2 didn’t come with that option.

I used to have a Toshiba 57HD 1080i TV at my old house before I moved again and it wouldnt fit… Very good for video games and watching tv.

Now we have the video game consoles.
1) Xbox 360
2) PS2
3) Dreamcast (if you managed to save the 100’s of burnt games from when DC was out)
4) WII

Thats it for the basic tech stuff I use that gets me through the day….

Then you have the stuff you should buy that helps you live.

  • Get a flask, it’ll save you tons of money at football games (of course if your not the SEC and can drink in your stadium), but also good for going out to bars and not dropping $10 for a double whiskey coke.
  • George Foreman grill is useful for simple meals, but you also need a Mini Fridge to hold the food to cook unless you manage to get off your ass to get fresh food at the grocery store when you want to eat (very unlikely).
  • Lots and Lots of underwear and socks… who wants to do more wash than need be? A good pair of shorts from abercrombie or the likes is a great investment as well, you can wear them for 2 mths without washing and no one knows the difference because everyone else wears the same shorts constantly! The beauty of beige shorts…. They still work with stains from ash and other stuff that can be rubbed in or washed with a little water.
  • An every day sweater, when its cold outside, in your house or just want to be a bum a solid sweatshirt is good.
  • Maybe a few water pipes for the days you dont want to drink (who doesnt want to drink everyday?)
  • A lockbox to hide your money (and or “pharmaceuticals”) so you dont need to worry about stuff being messed with when your not in your room.
  • Listerine Whitening is great to supplement brushing teeth if your not functional enough to handle the daunting task or just have bad breath and want a quick fix.

    I hope these suggestions help out some of the readers, I know some woulda been nice to know about a few years ago but you live and you learn..