The USB Penguin Mouse Makes You Hollaback

::sung to the tune of Fabolous – Holla Back Youngin’::

Yo check it
I’m back with the dope flow
and I’ll give you some info, if ya really wanna know

Focused and clear
Scrollwheel for a nose and a look that’s fierce

Over to the iceberg
Slip my man a fish and I’m in through the back door

No worries
Optical USB
Wanna see a polar bear swimmin in tha deep?

Best part
I come in black, pink, and blue
Mac OS, Winodws, Linux too

In summary
This mouse is mean
Wanna get one you’ll have to pay $15

Hollaback Penguin.

USB Penguin Mouse is Sadly Not a Genetic Experiment [Gizmodo]