Sony Gives 9-year-old Hero A PS3

Matty Lovo is the coolest kid out there. When his father passed out behind the wheel of his big rig (gotta use that NO-DOZE!) and death was rapidly approaching, Matty took both their lives into his hands, single-handedly calling for help over a C.B. radio and driving at the same time. The boy was all over news channels and he told his father publicly that he wanted a PS3. Not too much to ask for, but not all of us can run out and buy a PS3 at a moment’s notice.

So, in a move that clearly will garner some great press, Sony is giving Matty Lovo his well-deserved Playstation 3, along with a bunch of games. According to a SCEA rep, Matty was so excited, he couldn’t stop playing games at the news station they filmed the transaction at. Don’t you love a story with a happy ending?

Update: Son, 9, saves dad in runaway truck, Sony gives him a PS3 [Gaming Target]