Lulu Suing Hulu and We're Going Kuku!


NBC and News Corp launched Hulu a few weeks ago and they’re already getting all kinds of static. First, their name translates to “cease and desist” in Swahili and how they get a C&D from Lulu, some other company that does some kind of digital stuff. Man! Can’t a rich media conglomerate get a break in this world?

Lulu claims that Hulu is infringing on whatever the hell Lulu does, which has something to do with sharing digital media but really just looks like a vanity press, and the attendant court battle should end up being huge news for maybe ten minutes next Thursday as Hulu signs a big fat check to shut up their detractors.

NBC/News Corp Joint Venture Hulu Sued By Lulu Enterprises [Technomical]