AT&T To Let Parents Control Kids' Texting, Calls

After getting sick of mothers across the nation calling them about expensive bills and outrageous amounts of text messages being sent, AT&T has decided to give parents the ultimate amount of control over their kids. Teenagers, get ready to be royally screwed by your parents, ’cause they can now limit your texting and calling abilities as much they want. Slacking off in school? Bloop! There go your texting privileges!

Aside from the two most important features, parents will also be able to limit downloaded content and filter web sites that they don’t want children seeing. It should be noted that if a phone is connected via WiFi, this aforementioned rules won’t apply. The same applies for the iPhone since it uses Safari. School is back in session, so don’t be surprised if you end up not being able to call your pals after 7pm. Mommy loves you.

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