Mercedes Owners Get The Hook Up From Google, Yahoo!

Driving a Mercedes-Benz is a wonderful luxury, but Google and Yahoo! want to make your driving experience even easier. Now when you visit either Google or Yahoo! Maps, you’ll be able to send customized maps or directions to your vehicle by clicking the “Send to Car” option. A godsend for bad drivers? Absolutely.

When you get into your SL500 or E320, hit the “I” button in your car to download the personalized maps and data to your car’s computer. It gets better though. Other people can send you maps while you’re driving, meaning if you need your wife or someone to send you directions to the restaurant you’re meeting at, she can do it from her laptop or home PC. Dubbed “Search and Send”, this technology is going to be a key selling point in future Mercedes models for sure. I wonder if I can send a route that shows all the available strip clubs on my trip…

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