Nokia To Stake N-Gage Mobile Gaming Future On N-Series, Ovi Platform


N-Gage had some decent games. The main problem with the old platform, of course, was that you had to buy one very specific Choco-Tacoy phone. They only pushed about 3 million of these suckers out the door in the entire world, which meant they were far shy of the terminal velocity needed to create a profitable gaming ecosystem. Well, there are already tens of millions of N-Series phones scattered throughout the world–Not a bad place to start out their new platform, eh? And because some of these N-Series phones have as much as 8-gigs of memory, they are relying on more of a download-and-play style system, rather than the old cartridge-based days of yore. Games will cost from 6 to 10 euros a pop (that’s 90 to 170 dollars, with current exchange rates), and will be available for daily or weekly rental or totally free demo play.

Remarkably, Nokia has kept the N-Gage Arena online gaming service alive this whole time, so N-Gage fanatics should be happy for the update.

And, of course, all of this downloading will come through the brand-new Ovi platform.

Here are a few of the upcoming titles -Peter Ha

And a list of content providers