Another Twist On The Get Paid To Watch Advertising Model offers a newish twist on the get paid to watch advertising model.

The concept is nearly as old as the internet. Users must watch advertising in some form or another and then receive compensation for their time. model involves users viewing video advertising, often with the occasional question thrown in to make sure that the user is actually watching the ad, then compensates the user by funding things like a one month subscription to Napster or discounts off subscriptions to XM Canada, MLB TV and Gamefly.

It would be easy to dismiss any company running a model like this; on the other hand comes with some interesting backers that might just make it a breakout in the space. Holding company BrightSpot Media has been funded by sports moguls Jerry Colangelo (Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and Team USA Basketball) and Jerry Reinsdorf (CEO of Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox). Other advisors include Paul Schrage (Original CMO of McDonald’s) and Eric Heneghan (Founder of Giant Step and current CEO of Elevation Inc). While a number of the backers don’t have web industry experience, millions of dollars in funding (the company has between $2.5m and $10m) can certainly buy the expertise required to pull something like this off. is not something I’d use myself, but targeted at teens with limited incomes who want access to paid services, it might just work.

The company will be leveraging its partnerships with Napster, the NBL and others to promote the service.