AT&T Ocean Clone Surfaces, Runs WinMo 6, Looks Good


Are you envious of those of us carrying around the swank Helio Ocean, but stuck with your AT&T plans? You want the dual-sliding fun that we’re having, but foolishly ignore the call of the Helio service? If that’s you, then we’ve got a phone you might like.

AT&T is prepping for a likely holiday launch of a new phone, the Pantech C810. Like the popular Ocean, it goes both ways, giving you T9 for calls, and full QWERTY for everything else. And it’s rumored to be slimmer, another appealing aspect. What we don’t care for is the Windows Mobile 6 Stadard. Even if they make it pretty, it’s still WinMo 6. Ick.

BGR hears it’s going to run for about $250 with 2-year’s of blood, which sounds about right for us. We’ve also heard rumors that Helio’s got an even slimmer version sans-WinMo coming soon, as well, so it’s shaping up to be a dual-sliding Xmas, just like Grandma loved. Your Grandma, not mine.

Pantech C810 says, “Hello” [Boy Genius]