And Japan's Vending Machines Are Better, Too

Ah, Engrish

Yes, another Japan > USA post from me. This time, vending machines. At the average vending machine here in America, you’ll find the usual assortment of candy and soda and potato chips, each healthier than the last. Over in Japan, yes, you’ll find that stuff, but you’ll also find coffee, ice cream and various health drinks with funny names (“Coolish” comes to mind—yeah, it’s not completely cool, just sorta OK). You’ll also find a healthy dose of Engrish.

Mind the spooky lighting

The machines also work differently than the standard machines here. Most of them sorta sucked up the object then let then drop. Horrible description, yes, but that’s all I got.

I tell you what, nothing beats putting in 200 yen in coins inside the machine and having an ice cold latte be sucked out of its little holster thing. Well, a lot beats that, but you know what I mean.